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Whether you’re looking to streamline or outsource production, lower production costs or add capacity to your own engineering, design or manufacturing departments, David Wolfe Design can help.

We’ve been helping customers realize their ideas for more than 20 years. Check out our case histories showcase for examples of quality design and innovative, cost-efficient solutions from David Wolfe Design.


Cost Reduction of Industrial Components

Part name: Air Nozzle
Material: Polypropylene
Manufacturing Method: Injection Molding, steel mold
Annual production: 3,000 parts
Project Description: This part was originally machined out of aluminum at a
cost of $13.00 each. The air holes need to be on compound angles. In an
effort to reduce cost, DWD redesigned the part to be injection molded,
keeping the design intent, and now costs $1.61.

Thermoformed Panels

Part name: Cover
Material: ABS
Manufacturing Method: Thermoforming, CNC trimming, painting
Annual production: 50-100 parts
Project Description: These parts vary in size. They replaces costly and
cumbersome sheet metal components. The molds are made from urethane
tooling board. The parts are thermoformed, trimmed on our 5-axis CNC
router, then painted to customers color spec.

Military and Aerospace

Part name: Fuel Tank Cover
Material: Noryl—polyphenylene oxide
Manufacturing Method: Thermoforming and bonding
Annual production: 25 parts
Project Description: This part is a limited production thermoformed part
made in 4 pieces. Each half of the clam shell is a 2-piece sandwich of
thermoformed Noryl. The parts are trimmed by hand then assembled on
bonding fixtures.

Engineering Grade Materials

Part name: Handle
Material: Conductive carbon-filled nylon
Manufacturing Method: Injection molding, insert molding, pad printing
Annual production: 750 parts
Project Description: DWD was responsible for these parts from concept
through production. The parts needed to be electrically conductive for
grounding and durable. The parts are injection molded with 6 threaded
inserts molded in place. Parts are then pad printed and shipped overseas.

Steel and Aluminum Components

Part name: Hook
Material: Aluminum
Manufacturing Method: Sand casting, CNC machining, burnishing
Annual production: 750 parts
Project Description: This part was required to be an aluminum attachment
hook and to also serve as a heat sink. The part is first cast at a foundry,
critical dimensions CNC machined, then burnished for a polished appearance.
A silicon pad is then attached before shipping.

Intricate Components

Part name: Electrode
Material: Nickel-titanium wire & polyethylene
Manufacturing Method: Injection molding (shuttle press)
Annual production: 200 parts
Project Description: This part requires a nickel titanium wire to be precision
bent, over-molded with polyethylene, then trimmed to size. The part is
small with intricate geometry and critical fit dimensions.

Alternative Materials & Manufacturing Methods

Part name: Dust Collector
Material: Urethane
Manufacturing Method: Low pressure injection (Urethane tooling board mold)
Annual production: 50-200 parts
Project Description: The customer needed a molded, 2.5 cubic foot Dust
Collector delivered in 4 weeks. Conventional tooling was too costly and too
time consuming. We modified the part, built a urethane tooling board mold,
and shot the parts from a two part urethane that replicates molded plastic.

Elastomer Materials

Part name: Pinch Valve
Material: Natural Rubber or Santoprene
Manufacturing Method: Injection or transfer
Annual production: 4,000
Project Description: This family of parts was developed using a custom grade
of natural rubber. Molds range in cavitation from 1 to 8 cavities. All parts
are manually unloaded, de-flashed, then chlorinated. Some parts were
tested as injection molded elastomeric thermoplastic Santoprene.





Low-volume vacuum forming - CNC Machining & vacuum forming

Part name: RING Housings
Project Description: The University of Maryland's Space Power and Propulsion Lab needed thermoformed polycarbonate housings to use as lab experiments aboard the International Space Station.  The parts were certified Makralon polycarbonate. Several vac tools were CNC machined, parts were formed with added CNC trimming, drilling, etc..  The unit was to test theories
in electromagnetic propulsion.  Below are links to the study as well as actual video footage aboard the ISS.





Sheet Metal Parts

Part name: Shelf Bracket
Part name: Shelf Bracket
Material: Steel Plate
Manufacturing Method: Laser cut, bending
Annual production: 1,800
Project Description: This part was a high volume prototype. The project
required 900 RH parts & 900 LH parts. Our customer came with a 2D
drawing. We produced a lay flat CAD file, laser cut the sheet metal, bent
parts according to drawing specifications.





Large Rotational Mold Pattern - CNC Machining

Part name: Pattern for End Cap
Project Description: A customer needed a large CNC machined wood pattern for a rotational mold to produce an END CAP for underground water services. The pattern measured 37" x 63" x 93" and required multiple build up strategies and CNC machining.






Laser Digitizing - Reverse Engineering

Part name: Thermoforming Tool
Project Description: A customer came to DWD with a hand-built wood prototype thermoforming tool.  He wanted to replicate the data to produce a multi-cavity tool with all of the cavities being identical. The wood models were laser digitized, the CAD data refined, and surface IGES files supplied for a multi-cavity tool.

        Laser digitize model                     Scanned point cloud data                    Multi-cavity surface data





Rotational Mold Foundry Patterns for Kayaks - CNC Machining, hand finishing

Part name: 10' & 12' Kayaks
Project Description: A customer needed a series of
patterns for making cast rotational molds.  The project consisted of a series of kayaks, 10 feet long and 12 feet long of two different styles.  These large patterns also required modification of the data, smooth blends, high polish, and top quality CNC surfaces. 






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