Mold Design Services

David Wolfe Design offers a unique combination of decades of mold design experience with the latest CAD technologies. Design software includes Cadkey, SolidWorks, and Surfcam. A multitude of data translators and a high speed cable connection allows for easy communication between systems and customers.

Design services include tooling feasibility studies, complete mold design and detail, and plastic part design, development, and solid modeling. Read on to find out more.

Feasibility Studies

Tooling Feasibility Studies are most effective early in the design of a plastic part before designs have been submitted for approval, testing, or production.  The first aspect of a study may be to review the part design for features that may require complicated mold actions and to offer suggestions on how to improve the design and reduce the mold cost.  Another aspect of a Feasibility Study may be to look at ways of combining multiple plastic parts into one part in order to reduce the number of molds required to produce a plastic part assembly.  Finally, a study may go so far as to provide mold assembly drawings that illustrate key components and material selection and then submit those designs along with the OEM’s mold RFQ’s so that they receive back accurate “apples to apples” quotes from their mold vendors.  Companies such as Toyota, General Electric, Toro, Whirlpool, and Rexam have found these services to be a valuable asset.

Feasibility studies, CAD drawings Feasibility study Looking to improve your design and reduce your manufacturing costs? David Wolfe Design can conduct a feasibility study to help you cost-effectively manufacture parts.

Concept Mold Design for Packaging Lipstick Cases

Injection Molds

Injection mold requirements and manufacturing methods are as varied today as they ever were.  At David Wolfe Design, we strive to work as an extension of our customer’s own engineering department and provide quality mold designs in the format that our customer’s are used to working with whether it be 2-dimensional blueprints or a complete 3D solid model of the entire mold.  Drawings and data however, are not what makes a quality mold design.  David Wolfe Design has been in business since 1985 and some employees have been in the industry years before that.  During that time, we have had the experience of working on a wide range of mold designs that vary greatly in complexity, from the simplest open and shut molds to complicated molds for automotive instrument panels.  While each design is unique, there are solutions we have seen over the years that we can apply to today’s problems.

Injection molding
Injection mold requirements and manufacturing methods vary greatly. Take advantage of our expertise.
RIM Mold Design Front Panel from RIM Mold  


Compression Molds

Compression mold design brings with it some unique situations for the designer. The designer must be able to understand and work out shear edge details and transitions, steam circuits so as not to trap water, the affect that heat and temperature differential may play on the mold halves, vacuum systems, in-mold coating, and so on. The designer must also take into account steel conditions and forces that may be encountered by mis-loading a charge into a compression mold. David Wolfe Design has designed compression molds that have all of these conditions and more. Some molds have been as simple as a 12” square test plaque while others have been as complicated as a 95 ton mold for an entire Freightliner Truck Cab complete with hydraulic actions.

Compression molds Compression molds Compression molds...from start to finish. David Wolfe Design is up to the challenge.
CAD Drawing Part 3D Mold Design  
Compression molds Compression molds

2D Mold Design John Deere Tractor

Rubber Molds

Rubber molds can be designed for a variety of processes.  Most commonly, rubber molds are designed for compression, injection, and transfer molding.  We have designed a variety of rubber molds ranging in size from a small 3” prototype lab mold up to a 16 foot diameter curing press for an OTR Earthmover tire.

Rubber molds Rubber molds... from small, 3" prototype molds to 16' diameter curing presses for an OTR Earthmover tire.

Curing Press Design Tires Produced in Curing Press

Forming Dies

We have designed numerous forming dies that have involved complicated 3D CAD geometry. In many cases we have had to take hand-made drawings with charted dimensions and create the 3D data for the part in both its pre-forming machined state and post-forming die contour.

Forming dies Forming dies
From simple designs to forming dies that require complicated 3D CAD geometry...David Wolfe Design can help.

Cooling Turbine 3D Die Design
Forming dies
  2D Die Design