David Wolfe Design FAQ


How long has David Wolfe Design been in business?

The company was started in 1985 as a sub-contract mold design firm and was incorporated in 1986.

Where is David Wolfe Design located?

We are at 829 Moe Drive in Akron, Ohio USA.


What does David Wolfe Design do?

Our services include mold & fixture design, plastic part design, reverse engineering, models, patterns, prototypes, custom machining, contract manufacturing, and low-volume production.  We also sell air poppets and accessories.


How many people work at David Wolfe Design?

We generally maintain a staff of between 10-15 employees.


What design format does David Wolfe Design use?

Our primary design software is SolidWorks.  We also use Cadkey for much of our 2D design work.  We can provide mold and fixture designs in 3D Solids, surfaces, detailed 2D prints, or any combination of them.


What kind of CAD data can David Wolfe Design read?

We can read CAD data in a variety of neutral formats including IGES, Parasolid, and STEP.  In addition, we can read Pro-E, UGII, and Catia native 3D data. For a full list of data tranfer options, please click here.


What in-house manufacturing processes does David Wolfe Design use?

Our shop has the capability for CNC machining, urethane casting, injection molding, and thermoforming.


What materials can David Wolfe Design work with?

Our shop uses steel, aluminum, wood, urethane, and plastic in a variety of applications.


Does David Wolfe Design offer any services through other sources?

We have a network of outside resources for additional services that we do not have in house.  Those services may include laser scanning, rapid prototyping, aluminum casting, and rotational molding.


Where are David Wolfe Design air poppets produced?

All of our air poppets and accessories are produced here in Akron, Ohio.  For more information on the products that we sell, please visit www.airpoppet.com.

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